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Class 11 Business Studies Chapter 5 | Outsourcing - Emerging Modes of Business

Some types of outsourcing services they provide include: IT Outsourcing is the type of outsourcing service that includes everything within the Information Technology horizon. Technology Support and Maintenance Services are services including maintenance, repairs and the like. Advanced Technology Services is one of those that provide these kinds of services. If the re-allocation of available resources would yield on high return. If outsourcing will give you other benefits like reduced management time and improved operation efficiency. Aside from providing you the aforementioned services, your consultant can also provide you outsourcing strategies as well as optimized business operation services which can help in reducing the operational costs of your business. The process of storing, computing and networking become virtual and accessible to broad scopes of applications and users. Generally, data centers have to deal with the numerous amounts of virtual materials and information requiring significant investments in information technology management and resources. It does not just affect the lead contractor but significantly, the subcontractor. Proper coordination of the lead contractor to the subcontractor is highly vital in the outsourcing business. Coordination gives both the contractors the ability to be responsible with each other s task. Both should move forward when things are well-planned and well talked about by both parties. Diverse interpretations regarding its pros and cons also bombarded some companies whether they will go for outsourcing or not. Politicians might think that outsourcing will just take away the job opportunities for the people within their jurisdiction. They perceive unfairness and sympathy to their own nationals. It results in important cost savings which can be invested on other important aspects of your business as well as quality improvement and time savings. It is quite hard to achieve such results considering the fast pace of the business environment today. Some of the processes in your business which you could subject to back office outsourcing are as follows: Accounting outsourcing services Financial help services for post-secondary education Manpower resources outsourcing services Information technology outsourcing services In back office outsourcing, every registered agent or an associate assigned to your company will be working directly to your clients to ensure that all their needs will be attended. 

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